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July 8, 2011
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Araziel by Kittyjohl Araziel by Kittyjohl
MMMMM. NAKED ANGELS. Okay this is getting ridiculous, my obsession with Castiel and now just angels in general without actually being a SPN fan- I wonder when I'll actually start watching the TV show.

For the :iconaezareth:
Note to founder: I'm going to fill out the rest of the information after I get back from this two day trip. Sorry about that!

[edit: I lightened the bottom part of the wings on the back]

*N A M E - Araziel (slightly based on Sariel - YES PICKED A NAME I CAN NEVER SPELL AW YEAH)

*M O R T A L N A M E - N/A

*A G E - Araziel's pressence was known shortly after the death of Methuselah (grandfather of Noah), perhaps given more powers by Him in preperation for the Great Flood

*F A C T I O N - Aezareth (Fallen angel oh baby unf)

*C L A S S - Recruiter [spy/messenger]

*P H Y S I C A L - [see picture *[link] front]
Sex: Appears male
Eye colour: Dark gray
Height: 5"11
Important/noticeable features: Wears a mask and his wings come out of his TRAPEZIUS, DAM RIGHT SCREW SHOULDER BLADES
Stature: Nimble
Bearing: Depressed back, usually slightly slumping
Moar: Normally he doesn't wear clothes, as he finds the prospect of clothes to be a mortal matter (YAY NAKEDNESS). However, when he must, especially when walking in the earthly world, he wears only clean white clothes, no matter what the fashion (except for 70s. Don't you dare make him wear bellbottoms, I will gut you).

*H I S T O R Y - After seeing the aftermath of the Great Flood, to which event Araziel was summoned and granted greater power, he felt the splintering of each soul on the Earth, and was moved not just by the screams of the desperate to survive, but those who laid passively on the ground, handing the fires in their bodies to him without a struggle. He saw this and begged for the recall of the Flood; he saw in all humans, a chance for goodness, as God saw in Noah's descendants. But when God ignored his plea, it was then Araziel decided that the created was not responsible for their evil, and thus he blamed God for exposing them, for failing to protect them. Henceforth, Araziel has been cruisin' with cool cat Lucifer, gathering powerful souls and angels FOR THE ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN (with Chuck Norris and Lincoln).

*P E R S O N A L I T Y - Sarcastic and sassy, but can easily charm mortals due to his skillz. Although Araziel is cynical, he is moreso dependable and acts as a guide (although abit bitchy) to many angels who do not know which side to take. He believes his side is righteous and tends to tear arguments supporting the other side when he gets the chance, LIKE A BEAST.

*S K I L L S - Persuasion through the ability to slightly link minds with other angels (only in their mortal form) or mortals - but rarely works for the strong minded (aka I can't powerplay - so in other words he has no skills, unless you're dying/dead, in that case you're going to hop on his back to the styx river hurp). He persuades mortals to their death as his job, but he only works from 9 to 5, you know how it is.

*W E A P O N - His wit and close combat weapons that can be easily hidden (dagger, pen, your grandma's knitting needles)

*O T H E R - (Well I'm going to base Hell slightly on The Divine Comedy - though I haven't read it V_V) When Charon, the ferryman of the Styx takes his coffee breaks, Araziel pitches in, or else the line for the ride gets too long)

*S T A T S - 1 = no proficiency; 3 = Average; 5 = Fit; 7 = Deity
Strength 1/7
Speed 7/7
Intelligence 7/7
Magic 6/7
Endurance 2/7
Agility 5/7
Vitality [Defense] 2/7
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Can I just tell you, all I want to do right now is draw this sexy beast
Give me your OC creating skill, yeah?
Kittyjohl Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2011
I am totally bringing it with me to the dorms. (I want to bring the other one too but I'm afraid of my super christian roommate. @_@ YEAH. SHE TOLD ME HER FAVORITE BOOK IS THE BIBLE. I'M SO SCARED)
Cheribi Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
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